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Hey I decided to update the useful websites and therefore have added a page which I will regularly add to. This page will give you websites and pages where you can find information about mental health. This information could be from campaigns to medication to living with a mental illness and anything else that looks useful or cool.

The first site I have for you is the Facebook Page for this blog: This Page is for updates to the blog, along with some cool pictures and quotes and any interesting articles or pieces of news. If you like the blog go and give us a like on Facebook.

Another useful website is which is the website for the charity Mind. They do lots of good work in the UK, campaigning for different issues related to mental health. They also have a blog on their site, which I have contributed to in the past, and I know they welcome would be bloggers. Another reason this site is useful is that it has a mass of information on what you should expect from your mental health professionals and information about different disorders and treatments.

Time to Change is another useful site to take a gander at. is a campaign to end the stigma surrounding mental health problems. They do a lot of good work and offer opportunities if you wish to get involved. They again have a blog so keep your eyes peeled for that.

The next website is the website for Rethink Mental Health. This charity runs many campaigns and is a partner of Time to Change. They also have a lot of information about living with mental illness and information for carers and families. is a website for Young people dealing with mental illness as well as their families and carers. It has information about the support you can get as well as offering this support. is a website with information and support for those with personality disorders. is another informative site for those with personality disorders and their families and carers. is the website of the Mental Health Foundation. It provides information on everything to do with mental health as well as working to raise awareness and stop the stigma surround mental illness. is the website for Sane. It offers information and support. It also is working on stopping the stigma surrounding mental illness. is the NHS Choices website. Here you can find out information surrounding different conditions and treatment options as well as more in depth information about diagnosis and causes. is the website for NICE guidelines. In these are the guidelines that doctors and health professionals refer to when dealing with patients and their conditions. is a website that gives information about different mental illnesses. It features videos and blog posts to give a more in depth view each illness. is the website of The Blurt Foundation. This a charity aimed at helping those with depression. It offers information about different areas of living with depression in the form of blog posts. It also has a shop with its Buddy boxes. is the website of The OLLIE Foundation, a charity that offers training for suicide prevention.

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