Dealing With Covid-19

At the moment we are in an unprecedented time. Things around us are scary and out of our control. We are in situations we may never of been in before. But we are together. I’ve made this page so that I can share things I feel may help. It may be things I write or that I’ve seen others share. It may be distractions or information. I’m no expert but I am someone who is going through this and struggling hugely mentally too. Just because of the virus it does not mean our mental health issues go away. In fact it is natural they increase in everybody. I hope something I share is useful.

Keep safe x

My blog posts

Kindness In A Crisis – Things you might be able to do for others

Keeping Busy At Home – Things you can do at home, including self care and distractions

36.5 Days Of Self Care – Some more self care ideas, some may not be appropriate at this time but still some other ideas

Jokes And Memes To Get You Through – Some humorous content.

Grounding Techniques – Some ways to deal with anxiety

Supporting Others Who Are Isolated – Ways of supporting people who

Online Information – UK government information

NHS site – Symptoms and other advice

World Health Organisation – A worldwide overview

Rethink website – Information about Coronavirus and mental health support

Other Information And Help

NHS 111 – phone number in the UK to get advice if you feel your symptoms need help

Silverline – 0800 4 70 80 90 – helpline for older people who are dealing with loneliness

Mind Charity Information to help with your mental health during this time

If you can think of other resources that I should include please let me know.

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