An Hour With The Voice

This blog post is a personal piece and content may be triggering. It also contains adult language. If you need support please either check out the crisis line numbers in the menu or the Samaritans are available all day, every day.

Living with a voice is tough. It tells you all sorts of things and because it repeats them over and over you start to believe them. For someone who doesn’t hear a voice it’s like having someone whispering things in your ear over and over again. Some are nice, others nasty. Everyone who hears a voice is different and I can’t speak for everyone but I thought I’d give you an insight into what I hear by recording what the voice says to me for an hour. Please be aware this may be highly triggering and does talk about suicide and self harm.

“You’re useless.

Can’t you see that everyone is better off without you.

Why don’t you just die.

You’re nothing.

Noone like you.


All you deserve is to hurt.

You’re vile.

You’re a whore.

That’s all you’re good for.

How could anyone like you?




You deserve to hurt.

You’re useless.

Can’t you see you’re ruining life for everyone.

They’d be better off without you.

You’re the reason they are fighting.

You ruin everything.

You’re vile.

You’ll never be any use.

Nothing you do matters.

You’re a burden.

Can’t you just die.

Take an overdose.

You’re so selfish.

Don’t you see you’re draining everyone.






You’re worthless, can’t you see that?

Shut the fuck up.

Noone wants to hear you.

All you do is hurt others.


You’re nothing.




You need to hurt.

You need to punish yourself.




Die whore.

You’re shit.

You are worthless.

You’re a burden.

You’re no use to anyone.





This is just a snapshot. A lot of this is repeated over and over. It feels never-ending. It is hard to hear all this.

If you want to share your experiences feel free to use the comments, Twitter, Facebook or Instagram.

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2 thoughts on “An Hour With The Voice

  1. beavoicefororphans

    So sorry you deal with this. Know none of it is true… You’re worthwhile and valuable… May you counteract these thoughts with positive thoughts about yourself…


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