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Self-Harm Awareness Day: A Letter to Someone who Self-Harms *Please be trigger aware*

Dear Person Who Self-harms

I have been where you are; stood in your shoes so to speak. I know that what you’re doing seems like the best option. I’m not here to preach to you about stopping; that is something I’m sure you’ve heard more than once.

I’m here instead to bring you hope, hopefully. To say it can get better and it is possible not to have to self-harm, even when it has gripped you so deeply in the past. I think I will always class myself as someone who self-harms no matter how long it has been since my last act of self-harm. I don’t know that the urges will ever go entirely. I still get them. But I can say it doesn’t consume me like it used to. That there is hope that things will get easier.

You have probably heard all the tricks in the book for helping reduce self-harm. Therefore I’m not going to repeat them here. All I will say is they take time to become useful strategies. I used to roll my eyes at the suggestions to help me stop as I’d tried them and failed to make any difference to my self-harm practices. It was only after I gave them time to work that they helped me.

Now I can imagine if you are still reading this you are wondering how it can get better. You’ll be reading this because you want something better. All I can say is keep trying. Just because you may slip up on one or more occasions does not mean things will be this way forever. I have been in your shoes, as I said before, and I know it can feel disheartening. But you are strong. You can fight this in the end. If you want to. If you are ready to. If you are not that’s ok too.

If you are not ready to stop then my message is one of “take care”. You are valuable and one day I hope you can see just how much you are worth. You deserve compassion and care just as much as everyone else. You are strong too.


A Person Who Has Self-harmed