Hearing Voices/Pseudo hallucinations: A personal perspective.

An updated version of a post I posted in April

Me and My Mental Health Matters

This piece is a personal view of hearing voices and pseudo hallucinations. These views are my own experiences and may not be the same for everyone. If you have concerns relating to the topic please get in contact with a health professional or check out the useful websites for services that may be able to provide more information. Please also be trigger aware when reading this piece.

I hear voices. There I’ve said it. It is one of the scariest things that I have admitted to in regard to my mental health. In fact it took me a while to admit it to my psychiatrist and I have not been open about it with many of my friends or family. Why? Because I thought that they would section me straight away or keep their distance from me. I have however decided its time for me to write about it. Especially…

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