6th February = #TimetoTalk day


I’ve mentioned before how important I feel it is to talk about mental health and therefore for today I’ve been a little stumped about how to address this important event. My solution though is to consider ways of starting a conversation about mental health.

Now you may be thinking “I can’t do that, what will people think?” My answer is that is the reason we need to do it. To make people see that mental health is a part of everyone’s lives.

So how to do it?

This is where it seems a bit more tricky, but really it’s not. Talking about mental health can be as simple as asking someone how they are feeling. It can be sending a text message to someone you know is struggling. It doesn’t need to be a massive gesture.

If you want people you work with to start thinking about mental health why not stick up a print out from the Time to Change website and stand back and see what people do or point it out and see how people interact about their own mental health. I’m sure you’ll be surprised just how many people act in a positive way. Maybe you could even persuade them to sign up to Time to Change’s pledge wall (see their website, in the useful websites post, for full details).

All in all my message to you is that no matter how small a gesture you can do, what matters is doing something. Together our small acts become big acts and we begin to really tackle the stigma surrounding mental health. Be one in a million. Take time to talk today!


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