An update

Hey guys. I decided to update you on what’s been happening and why I have not been writing for a while.

First of all an apology for my absence. It’s been a few up and down months. I went through a block of therapy and have started going to a peer support group. We also had Christmas in the middle which added it’s own challenges. Therefore my writing fell by the way side and it is only now that I am starting to sort things out and get back my inspiration and motivation to write. Thank you for having stuck with me still.

I’m now looking to start adding more to this blog and possibly continue on a novel I started to write. Hopefully this will mean there will be more posts to this blog and maybe even more work shared with the different charities that have already kindly shared my work, and more.

As before I am so grateful if you have stuck with me and I aim to repay you with more work towards the aim of removing stigma surrounding mental illness and other areas in this field.

For more information like the page on Facebook (see Useful Websites) or you can now follow us on Twitter @meandmymhmatter


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